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We breathe new life into businesses by putting the power of prediction into the hands of everyday decision-makers

Perfectial helps businesses meet their needs every day, building smart applications able to collect, analyze, and realize billions of data records from different sources (e.g. web, sales, call-centers, social media, mobile data, Internet-Of-Things and so on) transforming them into solutions that guide companies to success.

Big data Velocity, Veracity, Variety, Volume

Why do companies use Big Data?

Employee collaboration
Risk & financial management
Enabling new business models
Optimistic operations
Customer-centric outcomes
According to the research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We offer a variety of services, from Business Intelligence (BI) to Predictive Analytics and Big Data development, which influences the outcome of the business in real-time and helps extract more value from the data. Our expertise will give you the insight you need to predict new opportunities, capitalize on future trends, and respond to challenges before they happen.

Business benefits
of Big Data Analytics

What We Offer

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Typical Use Cases
for Big Data and Analytics

Advertising & Marketing

Data-driven methodologies and predictive analytics are one of the best ways to make conversion out of your target audience. Recommendation engines, the most popular data-enabled tool, have already helped dozens of businesses attract new clients and ensure meaningful engagement for the existing ones. Optimizing customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns are the guaranteed outcome upon your resort to data analytics as as service. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques make marketing and advertising smarter that is easier to adapt to the digital behaviour of your clients and capture such interactions that could never been traced before. Briefly speaking, Big Data Analytics approaches you to your clients, making them familiar, easily accessible, and ready for your offerings.

Financial Services

Data Analytics in a financial services domain include an advanced risk management with the focus on market liquidity risks, stress testing and capital adequacy. Fraud detection and management as in credit cards and payment transactions move to a new level. For a fraud detection and security that are key factors in such an industry, can be identified and prevented by machine learning techniques that will distinguish fraudulent activity from the normal user’s behaviour.


Development of new electronic medical devices and EHR apps have preceded mass application of Big Data for medical treatment purposes. Technical advance was one of the factors that greatly contributed to the development of the evidence-based healthcare - beginning of big data and analytics era. Nowadays the healthcare analytics went even further taking advantage of machine learning approaches. Going beyond clinical data collecting and having the most out of previously unused data sources will help in prediction of earlier unrecognized patterns. Perfectial finds predictive analytics approach to healthcare solutions extremely beneficial one, since products in this sphere will give advantages to all the components of the healthcare system: patients, hospitals, doctors, authorities and others.

How Big Data
Will Change Your Business

Using Big Data Analytics, Perfectial helps to uncover vast layer of precious information and once you have learned the data you have never known before, it will immediately become a game changer in your business domain.

Big Data: Business Growth
More efficient
business operations
in sales
IT costs
more agile
& retaining customers

Our Partners

Our Partner: Cloudera

Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering the first unified Platform for Big Data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop™

Our Partner: Hortonworks

Hortonworks® (NASDAQ: HDP) is the leading contributor to and provider of Apache™ Hadoop® for the enterprise, and our mission is to establish Hadoop as the foundational technology of the modern enterprise data architecture.

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